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Total de votos:  87 . Classificacao: 79.31% .
Total de votos: 87 . Classificacao: 79.31% .
Descrição Transformice:
Say goodbye to winter and hello to spring!

Its arrival brings a lot of new fragrances, but amongst all the ones wild flowers give, there’s another one… It’s not cheese, it rather seems like… chocolate?!

The good weather makes us want to go out, participate in this adventure and hunt Easter Eggs, but it’s not going to be that easy! To get the rewards, you need to bring the cheese as well as eggs, therefore your mouse will be heavier!

Gather the eggs the rabbits hid, and maybe you will win some golden tickets to use against delicious presents in the village.

Are you ready to get new titles, consumables and accessories?

The chocolate is waiting for you!

Play Transformice with your arrow keys.



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